Fantasy Sports Control Agency (FSCA) is the independent agency charged with creating a strict, transparent and effective system of self-regulation for the businesses that comprise the fantasy sports industry.

As an independent authority, the FSCA will create a system consisting of four principal parts:

    • Standards:  Develop a system of standards for the fantasy sports industry founded on transparency, integrity and ethical behavior.
    • Company Controls, Processes, and Leadership:  Every FSTA member company will be expected to respond to the FSCA’s standards by establishing a system of controls and processes to ensure compliance.  In addition, every member company will be expected to appoint a senior leader reporting to top executives and overseeing compliance efforts.
    • Auditing Policies and Procedures:  Implementation of a sound, regular auditing process to measure and report on company compliance.
    • Enforcement:  Establishment of a system that provides incentives and public recognition for compliance with FSCA guidelines and penalties for failure to comply.