FSCA Enforcement

Establishment of a system that provides incentives and public recognition for compliance with Control Agency guidelines and punishment for failure to comply.


    • Certification Seal – FSTA Members in full compliance with Control Agency standards according to the audit system will receive a seal of approval.  Serve as gold standard message to players.  Tiered certifications are possible (e.g., gold, silver, and bronze levels of certification).
    • Messaging – FSTA and the Control Agency will encourage players to play only with companies that have been certified as providing games characterized by honesty, integrity, and fairness.  Media partners, leagues, and others will be encouraged to carry this message.
    • Penalties – Persistent and/or egregious violators may face probation or expulsion from the FSTA.
    • Government Support – Government support/endorsement creates incentive to comply.
    • League Support – League backing will also create leverage for certification.
    • Major Operator Endorsement – Major company buy-in will drive the rest of the industry to comply with certification.